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Chansons originales ...
Couverture de l'album "Où sont les anciens ?"
Où sont les anciens ?  (15 €  frais de port compris)

" Le premier album du Temps d'une Etincelle , Où sont les anciens?, est incontestablement une réussite" Michel Trihoreau , Nos Enchanteurs, Octobre 2020

" Leur premier album mêle textes écrits d'une belle plume et musiques envoutantes" Karine Roby, La République, Octobre 2020

" The album overall brims with life and energy, a treat for the ears from start to finish! " Review from an Irish Uker, N.Crowley

plume 2.png
plume 2.png

" I was pleasantly surprised on this winter Sunday morning to hear an album that is very well recorded and created with some really good musical attention. There is a good range of material that kicks off with a great driving track and doesn’t let up for the rest of the album. "
Original Ukulele Songs, Nick Cody


"Armand has a killer way of playing  the Ukulele "
Craig Robertson

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